Our Suppliers

Auskobe cattle from Jack Creek Wagyu Co. Are free from additional growth hormones and antibiotics. By ensuring full quality control over our Wagyu cattle, we maintain the beef’s healthy, all natural formula for a minimum 400 days to guarantee the Wagyu beef is tender, juicy and full of flavour that contains unsaturated fat such as Omega-3.

Josdale Black Angus from the Australian Meat Group in Victoria, Australia. Josdale Black Angus cattle can be found roaming the lush green pastures of Gippsland in Victoria, a region internationally renowned for consistently producing high quality beef. Working with trusted accredited farmers, we source 100% naturally grass-fed Black Angus cattle, free from added antibiotics and added hormone growth promotants.

Red Gum Creek. Taste. It is truly what sets Red Gum Creek beef apart from the competition, but what makes our premium beef unique is our commitment to sourcing only free range and European breed cattle such as Angus and Hereford that are free of added hormones and antibiotics for our brand.

Jimba Premium Lamb is a leading brand of Cedar Meats Australia, a family-owned and operated company based in Australia. The company has the ability to export to all destinations worldwide, including Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Cedar Meats Australia has grown from a small butcher shop to become one of the largest small stock operators in Australia, with over 300 employees. The company specializes in producing lamb, goat, calf, and kid meat, with a global distribution network that meets the needs of customers anywhere in the world.

  • Every big business starts as a small one—Huon Aquaculture (Huon)
    started out in 1986 in Dover’s picturesque Hideaway Bay as the Bender
    family business. In 1994, Peter and Frances Bender bought out the family
    and began to expand Huon by contract-growing salmon. They continued
    with this model until 2005 when they stepped out and began to grow,
    market and sell their own Huon Salmon and Ocean Trout.