Woodward Foods Australia

“From paddock to plate, our production systems uphold the highest standards in every aspect. The end result is only the very best meat. By owning and operating all aspects of the value chain including breeding properties, feedlots, grain storage, processing infrastructure, logistics, wholesale distribution depots, retail outlets and now an export arm, we are across the entire supply chain. This enables every product delivery maintains the quality our customers expect and deserve.”

Woodward’s finest beef comes from British-bred cattle as they wander free and graze on their lush Australian pastures. They are HGP free with no hormone promoters or other additives. And proudly have the MSA stamp of approval MSA Logo. The Meat Standards of Australia starts right from the farm and tracks the quality right through to the cuts you buy at your butchers.

Woodward Foods winners of the 2016 RASV Food Awards Champion Australian Meat trophy Best in Class and Gold medal awards. This award winning lamb gets to roam naturally in the rolling green pastures of Victoria Australia where they are free from the hormone growth promoters or other additives. Lamb is a great natural source of iron, and Vitamin B12. But it’s all about the sensation of unsurpassed taste of full flavoured Australian lamb. Juicy, tender, flavourful and just damn delicious. Enjoy.

Collinson & Co

Their Gold medal winning beef represents the pinnacle of grass fed beef. Their Angus cattle are sourced from Southern Australia where the lush pastures and abundant rainfall provide the perfect environment for producing magnificent, naturally marbled Black Angus Beef.

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